The Art 2023 Tehachapi art show begins this Friday with a gala from 5 PM to 9 PM in the Aspen Building in Tehachapi, California.
The address is 410 West D Street, Tehachapi. This is a ticketed event.
Tickets may be purchased online through if there are any left. Last year the event sold out. The art show is free to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

Elk In The Meadow
In Bear Valley Springs there is an indigenous elk herd that wander the valley unrestricted. They are often found hanging out in the meadow around the 3 lakes in the valley. Although most people know to stay way back from these magnificent wild animals, some people new to the valley get way too close to these wild animals, endangering themselves and the elk.

Hiding In Plain Sight
One of the cutest wildlife are baby fawns. These fawns are in Bear Valley Springs, California. The have been \”hidden\” by their mother while she goes off to eat. They are curious and look around instead of just lying under the large pine tree.
Mustang Valley
In the Tehachapi area there is a large heard of mustangs. They look like they have morgan bloodlines and the history of the area seems to back this up. These horses are beautiful and more refined than the typical mustang. They are private property so to see them one must contact the person keeping watch over them.

Artists and patrons alike are looking forward to this show. The artwork selected has been of the highest standard in the past and expects to be even better this year.
I am pleased and honored to have three paintings in the show.

The head promotional team is Laura and Dwight Dreyer. Their concept to bring a high quality first class art show to the growing area of Tehachapi California has come to fruition with the success of Art Tehachapi.

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