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8/28/2016 Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, Palo Alto
9/3/2016 Kings Mountain Art Fair, Woodside, CA
9/4/2016 Kings Mountain Art Fair, Woodside, CA
9/5/2016 Kings Mountain Art Fair, Woodside, CA

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People's Choice Award
Annette Hammer wins the People's Choice Award at the San Dimas Art Festival this last weekend. This is a great and much appreciated honor.

Zion Spring - Commission Just Delivered
This painting began as a concept last April, 2015. I wanted to have a spring painting for my client who had already purchased a fall color painting, "Turning Point", and a winter scene, "Still Life". I spent a day with my sister, exploring the possibilities of Zion National Park. I came up with several ideas, of which my client loved this one the best. In most places, spring means green and more green! But in Zion, the green is tempered with the red of the mountains and canyons, the blue of the sky, and the reflections in the water of every color around. Then to see the rushing water from the spring melt tumbling over and around the boulders mid-stream coming straight towards the viewer, was tremendously exciting. A little over 6 months later, this beautiful painting was delivered to its new owner. This painting was originally meant for the master bedroom, but after my client saw it, she decided to place the painting in the living room where her family and her friends could enjoy it more fully!

Spring Sings In The Meadow
Exploring a new valley just south of San Francisco is an exciting road trip After visiting from Los Altos through Menlo Park, we head west through the Portola Valley along the La Honda road towards San Gregorio on the California coast. This valley reminds one of the Santa Ynez Valley but here are still green hills in May, although the pastures are rapidly drying out. So many small picturesque farms are situated along this road, as well as fields of flowers and other crops. This particular farm catches our attention with the serene cattle in the field, the farm house and outbuildings in the distance. The cattle warily watch us as we watch them enjoying the gone-too-soon green grass.